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Spanish Minor

Before declaring the Spanish minor, students must complete four Spanish language courses in order to gain indispensable skills to effectively read, write, and discuss in a foreign language. Students with previous Spanish experience are encouraged to take a placement exam. Students must earn a grade of B+ or higher in SPAN 0004 to declare this minor.

If you are interested in our Spanish Minor, you may email our minor advisors Paola Calahorrano ( or Camila Pulgar-Machado ( for more information.


For the most current course requirements, please refer to the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Studies Department's program requirements sheet for the Spanish minor. Please contact an HLL advisor regarding requirements for students with enrollment dates prior to recent course registration policy revisions (the revision date is noted on the program sheet).

Prerequisite Courses

Required Courses

Two of the Following Courses

  • Any SPAN 1400-level course
  • Any SPAN 1600-level course
  • Any SPAN 1700-level course