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Our undergraduate advisors are available to help you with course selection, academic planning, and professional guidance. We will help you to understand your career and advanced-degree options, maximize progress within the Hispanic Languages & Literatures Department, and take advantage of the many opportunities offered at Pitt.

General HLL inquiries can be emailed to

Spanish Majors

Once a student declares their Spanish major they will be assigned to a faculty member as their advisor. Please be advised that there is a delay between when you declare your major and when the department receives notice. Once we receive the updated lists, our Director of Undergraduate Studies will reach out to you via email to let you know who your advisor is. Once you are assigned an advisor, you will schedule appointments with them directly.

Spanish Minors and Hispanic Language and Culture Minors

Students who are interested in a Spanish minor or a Hispanic Language and Culture minor can schedule an appointment with an advisor below. They will not be assigned to one. Advising appointments can only be made during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Culture Minors

Students who are interested in the Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian minor should contact Ana Paulo Carvalho.