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Clubs and Activities

Brazil Nuts Portuguese Club

Brazil Nuts is an active student organization whose primary goal is student exposure to Luso-Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language through conversation tables, movie nights, poetry, music, and more. Whether you speak Portuguese or not, you are welcome to participate in the club! If you are interested in becoming a member or an officer, please email Julia O'Hara.

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Spanish Club / Club de Español

Pitt Spanish Club is a student organization of the University of Pittsburgh with the principal goal of promoting the practice of speaking Spanish. One way we achieve this goal is through conversation tables, which allow students to practice their conversation skills in a relaxed environment twice a week. Additionally, the group promotes Latin American and Hispanic culture through events like dance workshops and cultural nights. The club works with other organizations with ties to Latin American culture in Pittsburgh, like the Center for Latin American Studies and Brazil Nuts. The club involves itself with the local Hispanic community by offering volunteer opportunities.

Una introducción al club: El Club de Español es una organización estudantil de la Universidad de Pittsburgh. Su meta principal es fomentar la práctica del habla del idioma español. Una manera de lograr esta meta es a través de las mesas de conversación, que permiten a los estudiantes practicar sus habilidades de conversación en un ambiente relajado, dos veces por semana. Además, el club promueve la exposicion de la cultura latinoamericana por eventos culturales como talleres de baile. El club se relaciona con otras organizaciones vinculadas con la cultura latinoamericana en Pittsburgh, como el Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos y Brazil Nuts. Por último, el club se involucra con la comunidad hispana local por ofrecer oportunidades trabajo voluntario.

Mesas de Conversación / Conversation Tables

During the academic year, Spanish Club meets twice a week to discuss a weekly theme in an event called Mesas de Conversación. The event attracts students of all levels of Spanish, ranging from beginner to native speakers. We encourage all students to attend and practice their Spanish.

For more Spanish Club information, including meeting times and event schedules, please email us.

2023-2024 Academic Year Information

Our club will meet regularly on Wednesdays from 7-8PM this semester.

Additional information:
Click here if you would like to join the Spanish Club 2023-2024 GroupMe