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Hispanic Language and Culture Minor

The Hispanic Language and Culture minor will prepare students for graduate studies, professional studies, and work, it will prepare students to take Hispanic linguistics and advanced cultural and social courses that apply to the region. It requires fewer literary courses than the traditional Spanish minor while helping students to sharpen their communication skills and cultural understanding.

This minor requires 18 credits for completion. At least half of the credits for the minor, including no fewer than one upper-level course, must be taken on the Pittsburgh campus.

If you are interested in our Hispanic Language and Culture minor, you may email our minor advisors Paola Calahorrano ( or Camila Pulgar-Machado ( for more information.


For the most current course requirements, please refer to the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Studies Department's program requirements sheet for the Hispanic Language and Culture minor. Please contact an HLL advisor regarding requirements for students with enrollment dates prior to recent course registration policy revisions (the revision date is noted on the program sheet).

Core Courses

Upper-Level Required Course

One course from the following list.

Upper-Level Elective Course

Students must complete one additional upper-level course from the 1400-, 1600-, or 1700-series. The department prefers that students choose courses identified as having a focus on culture or cultural studies rather than a literary emphasis.

Additional Requirements and Information

Language of Instruction

Students pursuing the Hispanic Language and Culture minor can take up to one course offered by the department that is taught in English. In order to have it count toward minor requirements, however, written assignments must be submitted in Spanish.

Credits in Residence

To complete the Hispanic Language and Culture minor, students are required to take in residence at the University of Pittsburgh a minimum of nine credits of the 18 required for the minor. One upper-level elective must be included in these nine credits.

Grade Requirements

Students must maintain an average grade of C or higher in all department courses. No course with a grade below C will count toward minor requirements.

Satisfactory/No Credit Grade Option

No course that counts toward this minor may be taken on the Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) grade basis.