The University of Pittsburgh's graduate program in Hispanic Languages and Literatures is one of the top graduate programs in Latin American literature and cultural studies in the United States. The Department's Latin American specialization has existed for more than 25 years.

The graduate program in Hispanic languages and literatures at the University of Pittsburgh offers a five-year Doctor of Philosophy with an en route Master of Arts degree and a terminal Master of Arts degree. All graduate students specialize in Latin American literature and elect a minor field in Peninsular or Brazilian literature or cultural studies.

We encourage interdisciplinary perspectives; many students supplement their HLL studies in Hispanic languages and literatures by pursuing related work in other Pitt programs and departments. These include the Center for Latin American Studies and Pitt programs in Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, Film Studies, West European Studies and Hispanic Linguistics.

Faculty interests and areas of specialization span a range of topics: as noted, collectively the department’s strengths are in the areas of Latin American literature, cultural theory, and cultural studies, with special depth in race, ethnicity, and post-colonial studies. The department has become noted in recent years for its international conferences on Latin American cultural studies, which have brought to the campus some of the most prominent figures in this emerging interdisciplinary field.



Students pursuing MA or PhD courses of study will hold a BA, MA or equivalent degree in literatures, cultural studies, or Latin American-focused major or MA specialization. Read more about how to applyfellowships and teaching assistantships, and grant opportunities.

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PhD Degree

The University of Pittsburgh's Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures has a distinctive record of placing PhD Degree graduates in U.S. and Latin American colleges or research universities.

Graduate Courses

HLL Department graduate courses can range from literature to teaching to seminars to Don Quixote, all of which can fulfill MA and PhD degree program requirements.

National Grad Student Conference

Each October, the HLL Department plans and hosts a graduate student conference that attracts participants from throughout the United States.