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Journals and Academic Reference Materials


Below please find journals that are relevant to the Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures and produced in conjunction with or by the Department.

The International Institute of Latin American Literature (IILI)

IILI was founded in 1938 in Mexico City as an attempt of reaffirm Hispanic unity in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. The IILI has been dedicated to creating an international awareness of Latin American literature, culture, and criticism through its conferences, Revista Iberoamericana, and its publishing lines.

Variaciones Borges

Variaciones Borges is a journal of philosophy, semiotics and literature, published twice a year in Spanish, English, and French by The University of Pittsburgh. Reaching beyond pure exegeses of Borges's writings, the journal aims to explore the special style of thinking, writing, and reading in which Borges excelled.

Bolivian Studies Journal (Revista de Estudios Bolivianos)

The Bolivian Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed publication that responds to the growing interest in understanding the past and present of historical and cultural processes in Bolivia. Towards this end, it promotes research that is innovative, interdisciplinary, and interested in critically discussing the challenges that Bolivia is making in the new millennium.


Illuminations at the University of Pittsburgh Press features cutting-edge books on Latin American and inter-American societies, histories, and cultures that offer new perspectives from postcolonial, subaltern, feminist, and cultural studies, taking its inspiration from the idea of the illumination, which the critic Walter Benjamin famously defined as "that image of the past which unexpectedly appears to someone singled out by history at a moment of danger."

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