Spanish Minors

Requirements for the Spanish minor

Before declaring the minor, students must complete SPAN 0101, SPAN 0102, SPAN 0103, and SPAN 0104.
Students with previous Spanish experience are strongly encouraged to take a placement exam.
Students must earn a grade of B+ or higher in SPAN 0104 to declare this minor.

       _____  SPAN 0120

       _____  SPAN 0125

       _____   SPAN 1250

       _____   SPAN 1055, SPAN 1260, or SPAN 1280

Two courses in the 1400, 1600, 1700, and/or 1800 series

       _____   SPAN  _____               

       _____   SPAN  _____       


Requirements for the Hispanic Language and Culture  minor

This minor requires 18 credits for completion. At least half of the credits for the minor,
including no fewer than one upper-level course, must be taken on the Pittsburgh campus.

        _____  SPAN 0120

        _____  SPAN 0125

        _____  SPAN 1250

        _____  SPAN 1312

        _____  SPAN 1300-level

        _____  SPAN 1400-, 1600-, 1700-, or 1800-level



Note: Students must apply for any official minor they will complete or have completed at the time they apply for graduation. Students must complete at least half of the credits toward these minors while enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh


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