Luso-Brazilian Minor

Requirements for the Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Culture Minor


Students interested in studying the Portuguese language and the cultures of Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries can enroll in the minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian cultures. This course of study opens channels of communication with millions of people around the world, including Brazil, Latin America’s largest and most heavily populated country. The department encourages students to include at least one semester of study abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country. The department offers courses taught in English for students interested in Hispanic, Latin American, Luso-Brazilian, or U.S. Latino cultures.

This minor requires 15 credits for completion, detailed as follows.

Requirements for the Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Culture minor

Students must complete five courses (15 credits) of coursework from the following list. Only one course that is taught in English (indicated by *) may be used to meet requirements for this minor.

_______ PORT 0101+

_______ PORT 0102 or PORT 1010

_______ PORT 0103

_______ PORT 0104

_______ PORT 0120

_______ PORT 0125

_______ PORT 1052

_______ PORT 1053*

_______ PORT 1061

_______ PORT 1458*

+ PORT 0101 cannot be used to meet requirements both the Spanish major and the Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian minor.

Note: Students must apply for any official minor they will complete or have completed at the time they apply for graduation. Students must complete at least half of the credits toward these minors while enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Grade requirements: Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher in departmental courses. No course with a grade below C will count toward the major requirements.

Study abroad: The department offers programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Alcalâ de Henares, Spain; Havana, Cuba; and Lisbon, Portugal. For more information please visit the Study Abroad Office website at or by phone 412-624-7413.

Spanish writing center: This center provides free, individual help to students enrolled in language, grammar and literature courses. Students may also stop by to practice their conversational skills. The Spanish Writing Center, located in CL 1302-B, is staffed by TAs and/or TFs from the department. The center will be open from September to May; schedules are announced at the beginning of each fall and spring term.

Spanish and Portuguese clubs: These two clubs will offer activities throughout the academic year. Check the department’s Web site for details about Mesas de conversación, Movie Nights, and Brazil Nuts events.

Placement: If a student places out of a required course for the minor, the student will need to take the equivalent number of credits in additional mid- or upper-level Spanish courses in order to meet minimum credit requirements.

General Information

CL 1309



Students pursuing the Portuguese minor can schedule an appointment with an advisor on the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures’ Web site.

Teresa Clifton
Director of Undergraduate Studies
CL 1309-D

Ana Paula Carvalho
Portuguese Language Coordinator
CL 1317-D


Portuguese Language Program

Ana Paula Carvalho
Portuguese Language Coordinator
CL 1317-D


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