Tatiana Argüello


Tatiana received an M.A. in Latin American Studies and an M.A. in Spanish literature from Ohio University. Her dissertation “Cartografías borrosas de un combate: hacia una re-articulación dela literatura bélica en América Central” [“Blurred Cartographies of Combat: Towards a Re-Articulation of WarLiterature in Central America”] maps a trajectory of the multiple facets of war in Central American literature as a phenomenon contesting linguistic, epistemological and ideological categories, as well as collective social projects, and giving priority to the personal experience of the subject in war. She was a TA mentor for the year 2012-2013.


  • MA, Latin American Studies, Ohio University
  • MA, Spanish Literature, Ohio University


  • Lillian B. Lawler Predoctoral Fellowship

Areas of Specialization

The representations of war, urban guerrilla warfare, and street gangs in Central American narrative and poetry; alternative epistemologies, discourses of violence, Modernist and Avant-garde poetry.