Rodolfo Ortiz


A poet, essayist and rock drummer, Rodolfo was born in La Paz, Bolivia. In 2010, he received a Master's degree in Latin American Literature at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, where he defended a thesis on the unpublished and dispersed work of the Bolivian writer Jaime Saenz. Since 1999 Rodolfo has been the director and editor of the literary magazine La Mariposa Mundial, with twenty two issues published so far; at the same time, as an editorial house of the same name, La Mariposa Mundial has issued books of poetry, narrative and essay. Currently he writes for a monthly column called “Parhelio” in Página Siete Bolivia´s newspaper. He is working on his Ph.D. Dissertation entitled “An unique and unappetizing art. Anarchist demolitionism and reversed Avant-garde in Arturo Borda’s work.”


  • BA, Psychoanalysis (1993)
  • BA, Literature (2006)
  • MA, Latin American Literature, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (2010)
  • MA, University of Pittsburgh (2017)

Selected Publications

  • La corpulencia del tic (La Paz, 1997)
  • Cuadernos de la sequía (La Paz, 2006)
  • Cuadernos de la sequía (La Paz, 2011)
  • Hacia una historia crítica de la literatura en Bolivia (2 volumes) (2003)

Areas of Specialization

Modernist and anarchist studies, and Andean research.