Marta Vacas-Matos

Lecturer/Assistant Language Coordinator


1317 Cathedral of Learning


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Hispanic Linguistics- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Masters of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics- The University of Texas at Austin
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language- Universidad de Salamanca
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Languages and Literaatures- Universidad de Salamanca

Selected Publications

Building a Multimodal Corpus to Teach Pragmatics to English Speakers, in Tita Beaven and Fernando Rosell-Aguilar (Eds.) Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Integrating Informal Learning into Formal Language Education,

¿Puedo tener un code-switching? Codeswitching en estudiantes de doctorado enseñando cursos de español lengua extranjera, redELE, 11, Segundo Semestre. Abstract: This research shows the outcomes of the investigation about the use of English (the mother tongue of the students) by the instructors in a college second semester Spanish class. The research shows that the instructors chose consciously the language that they were speaking with, as well as when and how they use it in class. It seems that the experience of the instructors made them use less English whereas less experienced teachers used more English in the classroom. As well, instructors who had a better knowledge of their L2 (independently of which was their L2) used less English in class. However, the always and everywhere cited and expected uses of the mother tongue in class (the logistic and pedagogical one) were not the most common in this research. Instructors, in this case, used English for social reasons, to keep the unity of the class and a good relation with their students.


Interview with Claire Kramsch. Pterodáctilo - Cultural Journal | Department of Spanish and Portuguese - The University of Texas at Austin. Authors: Marta Vacas Matos and Ashwini Ganesan. During her visit to the University of Texas as an invited speaker for the Texas Language Technology Center Lecture Series, Professor Kramsch agreed to discuss with Pterodáctilo a range of topics including the role of discourse analysis and pragmatics in teaching a foreign language, effectively challenging and evaluating students, the role of public education in SLA, and her involvement with computer mediated communication research. This discussion of second language education bridges practice and theory and concludes by suggesting new possibilities for multilingualism in American universities.


Areas of Specialization

Pragmatics and SLA
Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Linguistic Anthropology
Corpus Linguistics
Cognitive Linguistics