Hernán Medina Jimenez


Hernán was born in Lima, Peru. In his MA thesis, “Reading ‘Costumbres. El verdadero espíritu de los peruanos,’” he combines both a paradigmatic and a syntagmatic analysis to study the way popular culture is portrayed by Costumbres, a TV show whose goal originally was to document Andean religious festivities and rituals professed by believers in the small provinces of Peru. Between 1997 and 1999, he was the co-editor of Vortice/ Revista de Literatura, which combined literature and pop culture to bridge the gap between high and low cultural practices. During the Peruvian Provisional Government, he worked in the Peruvian Public Television as the TV producer of Vano Oficio (2001-2003), a literary program which stressed the work of crucial writers and poets from the Peruvian coast and the Andean highlands ignored by the media. Currently he is in his second year in the Hispanic Languages and Literatures graduate program.


  • MA, Spanish Literature, Ohio University (2010)
  • MA, Latin American Studies, Ohio University (2010)

Areas of Specialization

Cultural studies, postcolonial theory and twentieth-century Latin American narrative.