Andrea Juliana Enciso


She presented “‘La Mirada es un acto de creación del mundo’: fisica y realidad exterior en la poesía de Roberto Juarroz,” based on her thesis, at JALLA 2006 Bogotá.

For four years, she taught in the Department of Literature at the Javeriana, with gender and literature as the focus of her research. She also supervised student research and directed undergraduate dissertations in this field.

Some of her poems have been selected for anthologies such as Poetas bogotanos (2009), and in 2008, one of her short stories was included in the anthology, Yo soy escritora, an editorial project featuring Bogota’s younger women authors. In 2005, she was part of the interdisciplinary Oxímoron project, which presented works of poetry, theater and electronic music simultaneously, as a performance initiative in her native city.

Currently, she is in her second year in the Hispanic Language and Literature Graduate program. During her first year at Pitt, she held an Arts and Sciences Fellowship.


  • BA, Political Science, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2003)
  • MA, Literature, Magna Cum Laude, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá (2006)

Selected Publications

Martha Mahecha:  

  • “Concepciones de ciudadanía y ejercicio ciudadano en jóvenes LGBT” (in collaboration with Martha Mahecha) (2009)
  • “Entre la luz y el closet: la condición líquida de los queer y sus retos sociales” (in collaboration with Martha Mahecha) (2011)
  • Panóptico (2006)
  • Laberíntica (1999)

Areas of Specialization

The representation of non-phallocentric and masculine subjects in contemporary Latin American literature, and the presence of non-Western thought, specifically Zen Buddism, in the work of Argentine poets Arturo Carrera, Roberto Juarroz, Hugo Padeletti and Juan L. Ortíz.