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Lucas Mingxiao Zhang


Daniel Balderston
Mellon Professor of Modern Languages
Jerome Branche
Chair of Hispanic Languages and Literatures Department; Professor of Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies
Paola Calahorrano
Visiting Lecturer
Ana Paula Carvalho
Portuguese Language Coordinator
Teresa Clifton
Juan Duchesne-Winter
Professor, Latin American Literature
Junyoung Verónica Kim
Assistant Professor of Visual Culture and Media, Latin American Culture and Literature
Gonzalo Lamana
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Dolores Lima
Spanish Language Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Monasterios
Professor of Latin American Literature, Co-editor of the Bolivian Studies Journal

Secondary Appointments

Richard Donato
Professor and Chair, Department of Instruction and Learning
Karen Goldman
Affiliated Faculty - UCIS
Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Affiliated Faculty - Theatre Arts
Matthew Kanwit
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Linguistics