Empire and its Aftermath: Transhispanic Dialogues on Diaspora

Professor Jerome Branche will be conference convener on April 5 and April 6, 2019.  This conference on the Iberian empires and their aftermath will bring a much-needed interdisciplinary focus on the realia and the imaginary of the Spanish and Portuguese colonial world. We will think about the construction and naturalization of an imperial regime that produced hierarchized and racialized ways of being, thinking, knowing, and belonging in society, and interrogate and excavate it, with a view to defamiliarizing and "deligitimizing" the regime and its aftereffects, particularly in light of the present-day iterations and manifestations of the latter. 

Please see the website for more information, including a program and list of participants.  https://www.hispanic.pitt.edu/events/empire-and-its-aftermath