Doctoral Defense: Congratulations to Paul Guillén, PhD

On August 1, 2022, Paul Guillén successfully defended his PhD dissertation, ¡HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!  UNA MIRADA FRACTAL Y TRANSANDINA DE LOS ANDES Y LA AMAZONÍA". Paul's PhD committee consisted of his advisor, Prof. Elizabeth Monasterios, Profs. Aurea Maria Sotomayor and Juan Duchesne-Winter (internal examiners) and Prof. Juan Ulises Zevallos Aguilar, of Ohio State University (external examiner). Paul's dissertation involves a re-mapping of Andean and Amazonian studies (traditionally focused on identity politics) from the new perspectives opened by the coexistence of ethnicity with questions of gender, violence, globalization, climate change, and uses of humor. Congratulations to Paul Guillén for completing his PhD and best wishes as he begins an exciting new phase on life!