Language Courses Waiting List and Special Permission Policy

The Department’s policy is to not give special permission to over-enroll once a section or course is closed. This is one of the ways we ensure that we maintain the best learning environment and class dynamics possible.

Students who want to enroll in a closed section should add the course to their waiting list. The Spanish department intends to use waiting lists in language courses to assess enrollment demand. Once a waiting list reaches 10 (the maximum for a course capped at 18), we will try to open a parallel section. Hence, we encourage you to enroll in a section even if the waiting list looks long. In fact, the longer, the better chances you will have to get it as soon as a new section opens up.

In all cases, go to class as a regular student would once classes begin. The first day of classes, let the instructor know about your situation. Please note that being on the waiting and attending classes are required to get a spot but do not guarantee that you will; plan your overall registration accordingly, so that you are not left without a choice.