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Guide for Book Manuscripts
Guide for coordinating reviews.pdf | Guide for review notes.pdf

Revista Iberoamericana publishes articles by members of the IILI or authors invited by the Director of Publications, who is advised by the Editorial Board ad hoc. Please send articles as Word attachments to the director at []. The attachments should not include the author's name and affiliation. Contact information should appear in the body of the e-mail message. Articles should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages, including bibliography and notes. Manuscripts must be composed in accord with the norms of the MLA Manual of Style.

Manuscripts are circulated among the peer reviewers in one of several specific sub-fields. These reviewers evaluate the merit of each submission for publication in Revista Iberoamericana. Invited articles, which are solicited for inclusion in special editions of the Revista, are exempt from this process. These articles must be approved by the coordinator of the special edition and by the Director of Publications.

In certain cases, the IILI requests additional input from specialists in specific subjects of Latin American literary and cultural criticism for the evaluation of manuscripts (articles or books) whose subject or length falls outside the scope of our established Editorial Board. Revista Iberoamericana also publishes reviews and bibliographical notes on works of literary criticism and Latin American culture published not more than two years before the corresponding review.

To reduce the publication expense of future issues of Revista Iberoamericana, we ask authors whose works have been accepted for publication to provide a copy of the accepted articled by e-mail attachment to [].

Guide for Correcting Manuscripts

The fundamental idea of these guidelines is to maintain unity and stylistic coherence among the articles within a particular edition and among the various editions of the Revista. Most editorial recommendations derive from the norms suggested by the MLA Manual of Style. In some cases, we specify a uniform option from among several variations.

These guidelines should be followed with the greatest possible exactitude by the authors and proofreaders of the Revista. Adherence to these guidelines maintains the precision of the writing, and facilitates the reading.

In general, the Revista strives to minimize footnotes, by including citations within the text and thus avoiding repetitions of information. The bibliographical data of books should be included only in the bibliography at the end of each article. We recommend concision and brevity in the intratextual citations, but without neglecting data that can be useful to the reader within the bibliography. Following are several basic rules and examples of proper citation form:

    Citas Intratextuales
    Citas Textuales
    Errores y dudas frecuentes