Portuguese Minor

Many of our students opt to complement their undergraduate major in Spanish with a 17-credit Portuguese minor.


Prof. Ana Paula Carvalho, Portuguese Language Coordinator
Prof. Bobby Chamberlain, Portuguese Adviser, for advising


  1. Students must complete the course requirements in three years  (1 course per semester), with an option to study abroad  and earn 6 credits (with Portuguese language coordinator approval).
  2. Students must complete Elementary Portuguese 1 or take a placement test to enroll in the Portuguese minor. Academic advisers can provide more detailed information about this process.
  3. Spanish Majors who are also completing the Portuguese minor must: 1) complete PORT 0001 (requirement for all those who major in Spanish)and 2) replace any upper level Spanish course (14XX, 16XX, 17XX and 18XX -- except for 1400 and 1600) with PORT 0002

Required Course Credits

Elementary Portuguese 2 PORT 0002  5 cr.
Intermediate Portuguese 3 PORT 0003 3 cr.
Intermediate Portuguese 4 PORT 0004  3 cr.
Conversation PORT 0020  3 cr.
Grammar & Composition PORT 0025  3 cr.
Total Requirement  17