Mauricio Pulecio

Visiting Lecturer


His M.A thesis explores Judith Butler's ideas and critical theory related to ethics and contemporary politics, by assesing its impact on Latin American advances and challenges pertaining to LGBT populations. He earned the prestigious scholarship from the Colombian government “Jóvenes investigadores e Innovadores”, granted by ‘COLCIENCIAS’, the agency governing the development of science, technology and innovation, for his project: "Violence Against LGBT Youth in the Colombian Educational System: Reparative Readings from Queer Young Adult Literature". He has participated in international conferences in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. He was an instructor at various Colombian universities prior to entering Pitt in 2012.


  • BA, Law, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • MA, Magna Cum Laude, Philosophy, Universidad Javeriana

Areas of Specialization

Human rights narratives, and relationships among culture, literature, politics and laws underlying gender and sexuality issues.